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Check out Deco. It’s a collaborative project, bringing together designers of different backgrounds. Deco is mostly furniture, but the designers’ independent work often expands beyond the realm of seating. Based in Italy, the organization prides itself on using only natural materials, crafting by hand, and eschewing “production lines or corporate relocation”. Their materials page is a joy, with each material category carefully described, so the peruser may be assured of the thoughtful way in which they chose their materials to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans.

Of particular interest is the design group CtrlZak, a design studio in its own right, which contributes the furniture line D/ZEN to Deco’s collection. Not only do they avoid paints and coatings, (which make products difficult to dispose of or repurpose in an environmentally sound manner), they place a strong emphasis on the unique character and history of objects and places, incorporating meaningful imagery and materials into their design process.

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