Massachusetts’ First Seed Lending Library Opening in Concord

The first seed lending library in Massachusetts will be open for participation starting Spring 2013. This program will run out of the Fowler Branch Public Library in Concord, MA. The idea is to… Continue reading

Bob Berkebile at the Vision 2020 Sustainability Summit

This talk given by Bob Berkebile, award-winning environmentalist and preservationist, meanders through a collection of projects, designs and works that are part of a regenerative housing solution. It is worth watching through to… Continue reading

LEED Platinum in Western MA, and the Elegance of Cohousing

I recently attended a talk at Mount Holyoke College: a double lecture given by two architects working at firms dedicated to different styles of sustainability. The first speaker was Ann Marshall, of Kuhn… Continue reading

Art D3CO

Check out Deco. It’s a collaborative project, bringing together designers of different backgrounds. Deco is mostly furniture, but the designers’ independent work often expands beyond the realm of seating. Based in Italy, the… Continue reading

Michael Nielsen and Networked Science

Professor and widely published physicist Michael Nielsen left academia to write a book on open science called Reinventing Discovery. His book and ideas center on the proposition that through sharing resources and knowledge… Continue reading

Biomimicry in Architecture

Michael Pawlyn (not to be confused with Michael Pollan of The Omnivore’s Dilemma) introduces his book, Biomimicry in Architecture, and speaks on the need to incorporate biomimicry into everyday design. He espouses the… Continue reading